Health & Habits

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Health & Habits

Why there are daily arguments with the child about daily routines? How to develop habits in a child? A parenting course that will show you how you can handle daily habits for food, health and routine without shouting and arguments.

  • Human Behaviour: Understand how the human brain works, and its effect on children's behaviour and growth.
  • Food: Learn how to help a child be responsible for her food and manage food tantrums.
  • Habits: Learn how to help a child to build healthy habits of hygiene and routines.
  • Routines: Learn how to enable a child to take care of their daily routines without yelling.​
  • Chores: Learn how to encourage a child to take up the responsibility and help with household chores.
  • Power of Silence: Learn the 'Power of silence' method to get the child to do the right thing without using a word.

Important Instructions for this course

  • We recommend both parents to take the course at the same time so that there are alinement and harmony towards implementations of the family culture.
  • Even though both spouses are taking this course together, please do not try to teach each other especially with the words “I told you so…”
  • These sessions are to develop personal skills in relationship and can be implemented as a family culture.
  • The success of this course will depend on how many 21st Century Family Culture you can practice at home.
  • Please schedule an appointment for a telephonic question and answer session to resolve any queries you may have.
  • Please do write to us with comments about what you like and dislike these online sessions in the respective comment section of every lesson.
  • Do not leave more than two days gap between the session or you will lose the link to the subject of the course.


Prashant Gujare

I’ve been researching in Parenting and Education subject form 2014. However, I’ve learnt more from my relationship with our daughter than anything else. My research and the relationship with our daughter has transformed my life into an exciting journey. I believe the God sends a child into our lives to give us another opportunity to find playfulness in our life. Finding our play is the only secret for long-lasting happiness. So watch the child and learn, because what you will live is going to be your legacy for your child. Prior to being a Parenting Coach, I’ve spent 18 years in IT. I have a postgraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and a strong solution-oriented mindset. Yet I believe that the past doesn’t matter much, especially when we are driven by our vision. It is this vision that makes our life a playful, creative and effortless. In other words, it makes our life exciting! You can know more about me on my personal website

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