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How do we tell our child what is technology use and when it becomes an overuse? What are the problems of technology overuse? Do we have that clarity? If we don’t then most likely we are ourselves overusing the technology. So when we misuse it how can our words have any power to convince our child to not to misuse the technology. It’s like smoking a cigarette and tell our child no to smoke. Here are 10 cultures that we can adapt at home to help children overcome the obstacle of technology overuse.

List of video timeline – discussion topic is given below:

00:40 – *What is the technology?*

Just to be clear, we are talking about screens like TV, computer, tab, mobile, video games etc. This is more potent when accompanied by the internet and even more potent and virulent when it can be wireless and mobile.

03:28 – *Is it addiction or passion?*

Technology drives us to the state where we are not able to live without it, constantly crave for it, and we lose track of time. We are addicted to it. For me, that almost sounds like development of passion. Hence, it is important to make a distinction between passion and addiction. When I’m addicted, I want something from outside to satisfy me. It is outside-in. When I’m passionate, the creativity flows from inside-out.

*How big is this problem?*

I feel the technology overuse crises is often underestimated when we start talking about the microwave radiation issues and issue about how people aren’t connecting with each other. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel the real crises are people losing themselves and not being able to connect with their true self.

07:23 – *Information Overload:

When we sit quietly, we enter into a mind-wandering state which is a natural state where our brain filters and organises information, relax, and eventually enters into creativity mode. This is one of the hallmarks of humanity. With technology and information overload, this creative space has been invaded. Due to mobility and wireless connectivity, we want to get more efficient and use all the small gaps of time we have through the day. So much so that we don’t forget to carry the mobile in the bathroom so that we cat at least clear those “Unread messages” bubbles. Sure we will get more efficient because of the technology, but we are losing out on calm and creative mind self.

16:30 – *The selfie-generation:

We all have this need to feel significant with our self-image, our status symbol. Significance gives us dopamine and it is highly addictive. In good old days, this was done by acquiring a good body, acquiring knowledge, achieving results etc. However, building this kind of significance takes time. But now I can have it in seconds. All I have to do is look good on social media and get some likes. However false this significance is it is instant and I get so much of it that it creates an illusion of being real. In this dopamine overdose and habit of projecting a ‘good’ self-image, we are losing our ability to accept our weaknesses and be vulnerable. The result is that we are not able to handle the failure or ask for help even to our loved ones because we only want to be seen with ‘good’ self-image.

19:58 – *The instant gratification:

Pizza on click, Instant cash in ATM, the world of information in my pocket. The culture of instant gratification with too many choices around, there is no need to wait or be patient  The new generation is losing out on the opportunity of developing a skill to nurture something for a longer period and enjoy the fruits of something that has a deeper meaning.

Now here is the big issue. When the failure strikes us, due to selfie-generation we are not prepared for it, this brings us depression. Then due to information overload, we are not creative enough to find our way around it. Then we look for instant solutions through technology, and if we are not satisfied, the instant solution is suicide. The most dangerous thing is that we don’t even see that technology as addiction, but we go all the way to prove it as a need!

25:00 – *10 Commandments for using the technology:*

Here are 10 cultures we can adapt to handle the technology crises:

  1. Chose the school and society that has a matching culture to your home.
  2. No Technology in the bathroom and bedroom. It should not leave your work desk at home and office.
  3. No Technology while travelling. Time to put it on flight mode even for passengers.
  4. Scheduled and limited TV time for all.
  5. Mealtime is family time without TV.
  6. Talk about (feelings) best and worst moments of the day with family. Everyday!
  7. Create family events and outings. Don’t wait for the events, be proactive.
  8. Scheduled social media time only for adults. Children ate not missing anything on social media unless there is a strong purpose.
  9. Technology strictly for business. Once important work is done on social media, don’t just kill time on it.
  10. Screen fasting day once a week to prove to yourself that you are on top of the technology.

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