Does lack of education lead to poverty?

Education(academics) gets unnecessary importance. Education has its place, but it doesn’t prevent poverty neither it assures prosperity.

Education and poverty

To prevent poverty, one needs to learn how to take care of themselves. That means we need to teach the child basic habits, like brushing teeth every morning, taking a bath every day, cleaning her plate after the meal and taking the trash out, and so forth. In other words, the child needs to learn to take her essential responsibilities of personal maintenance. A child who has mastered this skill will never live in poverty or consider herself as poor. The right time to develop this skills will be from age 2 to 7 years. During this time they will develop these skills as habits. Then parents don’t have to worry about it after that. When they are developing these skills, they will enjoy these activities as long as they see parents also engaged with them and enjoyed it.

Education and prosperity

However, this is not enough to ensure prosperity. For wealth, one needs to learn investment, organisation and planning skills. The child should learn that once she finishes her studies, she can ask for what she wants. She needs to learn to proactively invest her talents, time, and resources to receive more significant personal benefits. That’s entrepreneurial skill when the child is motivated by a goal and applies her organising and planning skills towards this motivation. She also provides similar motivation to others so that there are mutual benefits. The right time to develop this skills will be between age 7 to 15 years. Parents can use extrinsic motivation for the child to be disciplined and to take up additional responsibilities at home and outside. Please make sure you are not using any form of extrinsic motivation for the child to her maintenance skills mentioned above for the age 2 to 7 years.


Parents must keep in mind that while they work towards developing these skill for the child, there is no compromise in their unconditional love. Please also see these videos about Parenting Pyramids and Unconditional love.

So to answer the question, the lack of education of our basic maintenance will lead to poverty or poverty mindset. This mindset keeps us happy and satisfied even when we are not prosperous. Moreover, when we are wealthy, this mindset mentality keeps us grounded in happiness.

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