What are some best parenting skills which every parent should have?

May it be parenting or any other relationships, we need to keep in mind that, one size doesn’t fit all. Hence we can not behave in the same manner towards all the children. Besides, even for a single child, we can not act in the same manner all the time. The way we communicate with a child is highly context-dependent along with the child’s personality. Here are some essential parenting skills that every parent should have.

Understand your child

How you should communicate with your child is highly dependant on the child’s sensitivity and personality. Hence fundamental parenting skill you will need is to observe, listen and understand your child. Always look beyond the child’s behaviour and word and understand the motives and drivers behind them. I believe that if you have mastered this, then 90% of your parenting skills are done.

A remedy for each occasion

Once you have invested enough in understanding your child, it becomes easier to communicate with the child in a way she understands you. However, what needs to be communicated is dependant on the context.

  1. When you want to calm your child, show her that you understand her pain. Parenting skill required is compassion to show you understand her feelings.
  2. When you want your child to develop a habit, you need to make the routine simple for her and keep giving her reminders. Parenting skill required is patience to give her reminders again and again.
  3. When you want to discipline the child, allow her to experiment, and let her learn from her experience by going through that struggle. Courage to allow her struggle and compassion to understand her feelings.
  4. When you want them to learn on their own, give them the freedom to make decisions and allow them to take responsibilities of their choices. Parenting skill required is to empower the child.
  5. When you want them to excel in their life, encourage them in the right manner. The parenting skill required is to genuinely be interested in what the child is interested in and authenticity.

At Inspired Parenting we work towards providing online training for parents to develop all the above skills.

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