Master parent is taken for granted – Tao inspired parenting – Chapter 17

Tao Te Ching - Chapter 17

When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists.

Next best is a leader who is loved.

Next, one who is feared.

The worst is one who is despised.


If you don’t trust the people, you make them untrustworthy.


The Master doesn’t talk, he acts. When his work is done, the people say, ‘Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!

- Stephen Mitchell's translation from Tao Te Ching (The book of the way)

Tao inspired parenting

You have mastered the parenting when your child takes you for granted. Please note, ‘taking you for granted’ means taking your love and affection for granted and not for the material comfort that you provide.

Next best parent is who’s child displays her love towards her parents. The child will have to show her love or throw a tantrum to get what she wants.

Next best parent is who’s child is disciplined to get her parents approval. The child behaves like a ‘good child’ and expects praise and rewards in return.

Worst is the one who’s child despises her parents. The child obeys parents due to fear which will eventually result in a rebel or under-confident child in the long-term.


If you don’t trust your child, you will make her untrustworthy. The child will become what your deepest beliefs are.


The one who has mastered the parenting, don’t teach their child, they set an example with their behaviour. They inspire and empower the child in such a manner that the child feels that she has achieved everything with her own strength.

Here is a video that talks about how to trust and empower a child.

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