21st Century Leader

How to talk so parents will listen? A children’s workshop that brings back the power in the child’s hand with integrity and responsibility. Reclaim your freedom through the power of communication and aligned actions

  • Human Behaviour: Understand human brain that drives the behaviour and why parents say no.
  • Food​: Learn to resolve the gifts conflicts with parents and work with them for food conflicts.
  • Routines: Get through the day without nagging or arguments with parents by receiving reminders that don’t bite.
  • Punishment: What to do when there is a mistake? Either child’s or parent’s mistake.
  • Yes parenting: Enable the ‘yes parenting’ in your parents by showing your understanding.

Eligibility: Children of the are 8 and above.

Live Seminar: 4 sessions of 1:00 hours each

Technology Overuse

Why children are less interested in books and learning and more interested in Technology? Know the real issue of technology and not just what gets talked about. Undertsnad how parents can create a culture at home that is conducive for learning and avoids distractions of technology.

  • Usual suspects: Know about the more obvious problems of technology and what usually gets talked about.
  • Creativity: Learn how technology affects creativity and learning. How important is it for humans to get bored?
  • Selfie Generation: How social media creates the selfie generation that is not able to handle the failure?
  • Instant gratification: With everything at your fingertips instantly available, what are we to lose?
  • The epidemic: Know how deep this problem is when we carry such potent addictive devices as our need.
  • The 10 Commandments: The culture solution for the technology crises. Are you ready for the challenge?

Eligibility: Parents and children willing to use technology (TV, mobile, computer, video games).

Online or WhatsApp course duration: 7 sessions of about 20 minutes. Complete them any time of the day at your convenience from your mobile or computer.
*Followed by a telephonic question-answer session to further clarify any doubts.

Live Seminar: 1:30 hours

Memory & Grasping

Multiply you grasping power by taking care of your hardware. Enhance your recalling power by using environment and patterns that help recalling memory and not just the storage memory.

  • Styles: Understand different learning styles and how to develop all the methods to maximise the grasping.
  • Brain: Know the factors affecting the brain and know how to take care and boost the ability of your hardware.
  • Recall: Learn the learning methods that will maximise your recall power rather than just cramming data.
  • Memorising: Learn principals of memorising thing and various techniques to memorise stuff for better recall.
  • Tools: Learn about various documentation tools that will help faster review and memorise things.
  • Strategy: Learn how to formulate the learning strategy that will make your studies more efficient and effective.

Eligibility: Parents, teachers and children of the are 8 and above.

Online or WhatsApp course duration: (Coming soon)

Live Seminar: 2 sessions of 1:00 hours each

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