Whole dimension learning

Give children wings of freedom and purpose for discipline. Focus on education for the child’s life instead of just to make living. Enable the learning instead of educating the child.

  • Education: Understand all the dimensions of life and the kind of knowledge required instead of education for a living.
  • Elements: Understand the five elements of basic education for life. Survival, Skills, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Freedom.
  • Enablers: Understand the respective enablers for each element of basic education. Fear, Habits, Collaboration, Love and Enthusiasm.
  • Engage: Understand how to engage with a child to enable the learning. Silence, Encouragement, Empowerment, Engagement and Trust.
  • Execution: For each element of basic education explore the practical application.

Eligibility: Teachers and educators

Online or WhatsApp course duration: (Coming soon)

Live Seminar: 2:00 hours 

Memory & Grasping

Multiply you grasping power by taking care of your hardware. Enhance your recalling power by using environment and patterns that help recalling memory and not just the storage memory.

  • Styles: Understand different learning styles and how to develop all the methods to maximise the grasping.
  • Brain: Know the factors affecting the brain and know how to take care and boost the ability of your hardware.
  • Recall: Learn the learning methods that will maximise your recall power rather than just cramming data.
  • Memorising: Learn principals of memorising thing and various techniques to memorise stuff for better recall.
  • Tools: Learn about various documentation tools that will help faster review and memorise things.
  • Strategy: Learn how to formulate the learning strategy that will make your studies more efficient and effective.

Eligibility: Parents, teachers and children of the are 8 and above.

Online or WhatsApp course duration: (Coming soon)

Live Seminar: 2 sessions of 1:00 hours each

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